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Laurie Pewitt founded 24/7 Cardio Fit in 2001 in Nashville, Tennessee. 24/7 Cardio Fit Gym quickly became known as the place to train for professional athletes such as Chris “Hitman” Fogg, Hector, Jill “I’m Ill” Brewer, Rebecca “Da Wrecker” Gardner, Nicole “No Hold” Roberts, DeWayne “Da Pain” Hickman and countless others.

Due to the overwhelming success of its original facilities and the demand that they created for additional out-of-state locations, a Licensing Division was formed in 2002. Through the years, 24/7 Cardio Fit Gym has grown from a single inner city gym into one of the largest health club organizations with over 300 licenses worldwide. Today, as stated in the recent report published by the health and fitness advocacy organization IHRSA, the 24/7 Cardio Fit Gym Trademark and Service Marks are amongst the most recognized brands in the health and fitness industry.

In 2002, 24/7 Cardio Fit Gym began developing a line of clothing that started with only four items and is now one of the largest clothing and accessory lines in the fitness industry. The 24/7 Cardio Fit sportswear division expanded on a national level making the 24/7 Cardio Fit name and logo a household item. In 2003, 24/7 Cardio Fit Gym developed a plan to penetrate the market and began advertising and promoting the licensing division heavily. Laurie opened 50 corporate owned facilities from 2001 to 2005 in key metropolitan markets in order to stimulate the opening of licensed facilities in the surrounding areas.

Not limiting itself to the obvious, 24/7 Cardio Fit entered the media business in 2008 with its publication, 24/7 Cardio Fit Magazine. As an annual publication, 24/7 Cardio Fit Magazine has proved to be a powerful marketing tool for the Licensing Division as well as motivating potential members in the facilities themselves. The 24/7 Cardio Fit Business Journal caters to educational information for current and prospective Licensee’s. In 2009, 24/7 Cardio Fit TV, a personalized MTV-like network, was launched within 24/7 Cardio Fit Gyms creating a motivating workout environment with the ability to control advertisements and select specific music to play and specified times.

Today, 24/7 Cardio Fit Gyms International is in the midst of tremendous growth and expansion. One reason for this surge in membership and facilities has been 24/7 Cardio Fit Gym's ability to not only accommodate the serious clientele, but to also attract the active participation of more mainstream consumers and fitness enthusiast by providing excellent fitness facilities and state-of-the-art equipment and service. The large muscular logo is a sign of credibility across the country and is a testament of where this company began. The 24/7 Cardio Fit Gym Trademark is associated with service and quality, and is apparent throughout each and every 24/7 Cardio Fit Gym that opens its doors to over 1.2 million dedicated fitness enthusiasts.